Home Staging Consultation

Professionally Staged Homes Sell Faster  

It’s a fact! In the current housing market, Home Staging is absolutely mandatory if you want to stand out above your competition. Before you list your property, take the time to put your best foot forward. Before any work can be done and any Recommendations made, we must perform a Home Staging Consultation. One of our Certified Property Stylists will perform a complete walk-through of your property. They will assess what is necessary to emphasize the best features of your home and distract from what could be possible objections from the potential Buyer. This will include the interior of your home as well as curb appeal. It is important that we address any possible objections prior to listing your home in order to receive top dollar on your investment.

Photos will be taken for us to begin working on a design plan should you decide to move forward with our professional staging services. A Room-by-Room Report will then be provided to you listing all of the necessary Recommendations to prepare your home for sale. A complete walk through and analysis will take no more than 2 hours for a residential property. Please contact us for pricing.

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