Is Staging Expensive?

Staging is an investment...not an expense. It adds value to your home. Studies have shown that a staged property can sell, on average, for 6.4% over the list price. In comparison to the potential Return on Investment, home staging is quite inexpensive. The longer your home sits on the market, the more it will cost you to carry it. 79% of sellers are willing to spend up to $5000 to get their house ready for sale. 63% of buyers are willing to pay more for a house that is move-in ready....now that's worth it! Remember this...the investment in Staging your home will always be less than your first price reduction!

Do I need to rent furniture and accessories?

At Across Ottawa Home Staging we are skilled at using your existing furniture and accessories and maximizing their full potential. Occasionally, however, we may suggest bringing in additional or alternate pieces to help give a room a more modern, functional and attractive look. We carry a wide variety of accessories and have access to a multitude of furniture rental items at special prices. Having the right items help to showcase your homes best features. Rental items are billed on a monthly basis.

Can’t potential buyers just imagine what the space would look like if it wasn’t cluttered?

No! 93% of buyers cannot visualize the potential of a home. That’s why, by having your home professionally staged, we take the guess work and frustration out of it for the potential buyer. This is true of vacant properties as well. Most people cannot visualize size and scale, that’s why staging a vacant property with rental furniture and accessories helps to give them some perspective.

Why do I need to stage my home when the housing market is good?

Every house will sell, it’s just a matter of when and for how much. If your un-staged home sells quickly, it doesn’t mean it went for top dollar. You receiving top dollar is our goal when we stage your home. Remember, staged homes usually sell quicker and for more money.

How much will it cost to have my home professionally staged?

Each property is different, therefore, we offer a number of different services to suit your needs and budget. Refer to our Services to decide which package is best for you. The investment to stage your home is much less than a price reduction!

How do I know Home Staging works?

It’s a fact, staged homes sell quicker and usually for more money than if the property was not staged. Potential buyers usually make up their mind within the first 15 seconds of viewing your home. As Certified Staging Professionals, we know how to create that WOW! factor to make them want to continue walking through.

Why should I have my home professionally staged as opposed to just tidying it up myself?

Certified Staging Professionals know how to enhance the best features of your home, as well as minimize the less marketable features. We know what buyers are looking for and make the property more appealing to a buyers eyes. Homeowners are emotionally attached, therefore, making it difficult for them to be objective. As professionals, we do staging everyday for a living, we know how to create the perfect ambience while getting you the highest return on your investment.

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  • Is Staging Expensive?

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    Staging is an investment...not an expense. It adds value to your home. Studies have shown that a staged property can…